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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl, Schmuper Bowl

The NFL's championship game is tonight, and I'm in my room studying for upcoming tests. Most people would tell me that I'm anti-social and that I'm missing out on a great game, but hell, I a) don't care about the Super Bowl, only that I'm anti-Pittsburgh, b) am on academic probation from last semester (yay for 1.7 g.p.a's!), and c) want to do well on my test tomorrow and on Wednesday. I dunno, I feel like the only reason I'd really watch the S.B. is if there was absolutely nothing better to do and for the commercials. However, I have something to do, and I saw the previews for some of the commercials and I didn't think they were all that great; that, and I definitely can watch them on YouTube later. So yeah, I'm not watching the Super Bowl because, frankly and honestly, I can better apply my time to something more meaningful.

Oh and from what I've gathered from Twitter, Christina Aguilera fucked up the national anthem. To which I say, congrats, it takes mad talent to screw up one of the two most known American tunes, and on prime time TV. So congrats Christina, you fail. And everybody heard/saw you do so. D'oh!


Rachel said...

lol. Watching her mess up on youtube right now. That's kinda...unpatriotic.

Rachel said...

I'm not really watching it either. I'm working on science fair and facebook stalking.

http://www.ehow.com/members/stevemar2-articles.html said...

Her performance tonight was embarrassing! What an absolute joke!