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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weird dream last night

In my dream, I was with my other roommate Chris, and we apparently got out of class and headed over to the UMW parking lots in the rain, which really resembled GMU's lot, come to think of it. And the car we headed over to was my family's minivan, which was a bit odd to find. And come to think of it, it was stacked with snacks, which was sort of like an omen in what was going to happen for the dream. Anyways, I wanted to go back home, but for some odd reason Chris wanted to go to Florida. I was like yeah sure, whatever, but unfortunately, I made a wrong turn on the highway, so we went in the opposite direction, instead of where we actually wanted to go. Probably 20-30 minutes in, we realized that oh crap, I missed/took the wrong exit, so we were stuck on the road going to somewhere where we didn't want to go. And now that I realize it, the rain managed to clear up, so it was sunny outside. This meant that we could bask in the sun while we were making a futile effort to find an exit to turn around and go the right way. Fortunately for us, we managed to find a "Do not make a U-turn" curve, where we made a U-turn anyways; we felt like we had stuck it to the man, and were kinda proud of that fact. For us, this meant that maybe, just maybe, we could actually get to where we wanted to actually be. Later on we met up with Sandra and Keegan, at a stop light of all places, and they jumped on board with us. And if I remember correctly, our van had somehow managed to magically morph into a motorcycle at this point-whoa. And Keegan wanted to go to, of all places, Rhode Island. No word on what and how I reacted to that. And then I woke up, thus ending this bizarre dream.

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