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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last night

Ah college, a time to experiment with drinks and other things (mainly, staying up ridiculously late and being obnoxious at that). And speaking of that, there was this girl from another dorm on the other side of campus who was in the bathroom for quite some time was puking (that was one horrible sentence, grammatically speaking, haha). I mean, we went into the bathroom and found her just lying between the two stalls. Fortunately she was just straight up drunk, and not in any danger and whatnot. Still, she was in the bathroom for over an hour; thankfully she managed to get home okay.

Now, I went to bed at roughly 2 ish, but dang, I was kept up for far longer than that, cause some douchebags kept on sporadically slamming their doors. I mean, it was like thunder out there, what with the way that they were slamming it. Thankfully, I get the last laugh and got sleep no matter what, plus I have an Amp to keep me energized.

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