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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Geography Fail(ing)

So my other roommate and I were playing sporcle.com at 1 in the morning today. We took a "name the capitals of the U.S. states" quiz, and it was embarrassing. We missed some fairly obvious capitals (Jackson, Mississippi), and other not so obvious capitals (Montpelier, Vermont), and generally failed horrendously given how much we've learned about US geography since elementary school. But heck, I will say that tired college kids taking these quizzes in the wee hours of the morning probably isn't the best way to do well. Please don't laugh at us (too much).


Rachel said...

it probably wasn't too bad for 1 in the morning. Plus we were forced to learn the capitals in what? like sixth grade?

conesy said...

True that. Come to think of that, 6th grade was years ago for us. Uh yeah, that's my excuse, haha.