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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jimmy Eats World concert!!!

As the title says, the Jimmy Eats World concert in Dodd Auditorium was amazing! They were amazing, and they had some amazing tunes! All of the songs on my iPod were played (Pain, 23, Hear You Me, The Middle, My Best Theory, and Always Be), as well some other kickass songs! It was even better given how Keegan convinced us to move to the very front of Dodd, so we all were at the very front-left of the theater; as a result, we were right there by the stage! Dang, J.E.W. is amazing, and more so live! Then again, my left ear really can't hear out of it so much anymore, so that had to be the only downside. Well that and the fact that the security guards were pricks and wouldn't let anybody get pictures in. But hey, I got a free pick (you know, the ones they toss to fans at the end of the show)! All in all, it was an AMAZING night, and I'm glad that I went to it! Now if only my hearing could come back, that'd be swell.

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Rachel said...

concerts are amazing. like seriously.