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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another discovery from last night

Guess what I found? My old travel journal from about seven or eight years ago when we first went to Germany! And as a bonus to add to my nostalgia, I actually wrote it in cursive, which was when we actually were being told that yes, we'd need cursive for the future (boy does that seem like a funny joke now). I wrote an updated entry in it, basically saying that I was super happy to see it again, and that it was far too long since I last wrote in it. I mean, it really was like running into a long lost friend, after being convinced you'd never see them again. And come to think of it, I actually do remember writing those entries AND I actually remember those events that I wrote about, with the pens on the two miniature Swiss Army knives that we'd picked up at the top of a mountain in Switzerland! Man, the memories are coming back now! As my favorite travel author, Paul Theroux (check him out, by the way), once said, "every arrival is a departure". Right now, that's the case, as I'm being hearkened back to the good old days, and going back to my youth. It's a warm feeling, reminiscing back on the old days.

Some things that I wrote about:
-Arriving in Frankfurt, and Mr. Miller driving us about 40 minutes-1 hour south to Heidelburg. We met up with our friends who were living on the military base at the time, as my friend's mom was (formerly; she ended retiring a few years ago) a colonel in JAG. Their house was pretty cool to live in, as was being on an overseas base in Germany; the base was quiet yet cozy, plus there were some foreign soldiers living there too.
-Going to Heidelburg Castle with the Millers
-Going on a cruise and ending up at this little town called St. Goar., which was super relaxing. I remember it raining and just feeling so at peace. Oh so I just read what I wrote, as I evidently thought that I could control the rain, and I can explain that. So, I had a sense when it was going to rain, if I can remember correctly. Or it might have been one of my weird "rituals" where if something happened, then by golly it was going to rain.
-Going to this ridiculously huge pool. I mean, it was like an indoor water park and everything. Even now it still is really impressive to think about.
-Playing Tony Hawk's Underground. Yeah um, no comment on that right there. It was something to do at the Miller's house, honestly.
-Spending a few hours in Strasburg, France for lunch. It really was a nice city, and we went to this little Chinese cafe, cause that was the only place we could communicate with (read: my mom speaking Chinese).
-Going to Bern, Switzerland. Again, it was a beautiful city.
-Sleeping in a barn for a night in this super small village at the foothills of the Alps in Switzerland. I wasn't happy with it at the time, as I wanted to sleep in the car, but now that I think about it, it was really freaking cool. Plus I had goat's milk for breakfast.
-Going through this never-ending tunnel on a mountain road. For at least 20 minutes, we were in that tunnel. It was a bit scary too, but once again it's cool to think about.
-Going down the salt mine in Salzburg, Austria. That place was amazing! Plus we slid down the slide there, and it was neat!

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