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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Introduction for story I'm working on

His Bauer pads were marked up, with all the shots that he'd faced throughout the course of the season. Many a shooters were frustrated with those indentations in his pads, while others got to avoid seeing that, as they got to see the puck hitting the back of the twine. Those black stains on his pads were a badge of honor to Aaron, and he took pride in his dirty looking pads; rightfully so, as he was the best goalie in the league in terms of goals allowed and save percentage, due to his cat-like reflexes and his lightning quick glove hand, though that statistic would be tested tonight.

From the very onset of the game, Aaron knew that the opposing shooters would be coming with a vengeance, and that he'd be facing a cascade of shots. With each save, with each cry from the announcer screaming, "save by Carthage!", his confidence grew. He got to a rhythm, he was in the zone; each shot that was thrown to him, he made the save look effortless. The crowd was into it too, as they went nuts with each and every save of his-ditto for his teammates, and they fed on that energy. Finally, his teammates opened the scoring twelve minutes into the second period; Aaron did a little fist pump when he saw the red light go on in the other zone.

Despite facing 47 shots at the end of the game, Aaron had made 47 saves, none better than his glove save on one opposing forward, which prompted one announcer to proclaim, "that's just highway robbery right there!" For the three star selections, Aaron was selected as the first star, to thunderous applause from the home crowd. Game one was over and his team up one-nothing in the series. Hopefully, he thought, his masterful performance would continue to what he hoped would be three more games only.

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