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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cleaning up my desk and rediscovering my youth

So last night I got my laptop confiscated by my mom on the grounds that evidently I haven't cared enough to clean out my room. Which is why I couldn't blog about what I found while doing a massive cleanup job of my desk and my shelves last night. First of all, I dumped all of my high school stuff out, which felt liberating. It definitely was a relief tossing out my AP Stat stuff (it felt like I was getting my revenge for the suffering I endured during the course of the year). Anyways, it was not too bad to be able to throw away my middle school stuff, except it was a bit neat to see the progress I made since 7th grade. No, throwing away my elementary school stuff was hard. At one end, it was so long ago that  really shouldn't have bothered hanging on to that stuff for so long. On the other hand, it's nice to be able to cling to a piece or two of nostalgia; something to remind me of how innocent and (surprisingly) how school actually wasn't that bad, and actually sort of fun. Now that I think of it, I remember how fun the kickball games were at recess, hanging out with my friends, especially at recess, the renovation at Orange Hunt, sleepovers at my best friend's house, how I loved to draw pictures of Eeschwee, my stuffed animal cat; man, I could go on and on about all of this stuff. Sadly, I've tossed out most of that stuff, but I kept what appears to be my early elementary school history notebook, complete with a semi-ripped cover with my various drawings of Eeschwee; holy crap, I do somewhat remember drawing that way, way back!

I think mom was right when she said that I should hold on to some of my stuff, just so I can remain, in a way, linked to the past. One of my first orders of business is to haul out some of the things that I had to fight with myself to throw out, out of the recycling bins. Now that I think of it, I'm a moron for even throwing some of that stuff out-stupid me. But really, time can't really erase all those memories, and I'm definitely going to hold those memories with me in my heart for as long as I live!

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