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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well, I'm glad I'm NOT in this country...

And that would be the "Democratic Republic" of the Congo. Note that the parentheses are in there only because it's a "democratic republic" in name; it's one of the most corrupt and poor countries in the world. Anyways, I was reading Chuck Thompson's book, "To Hellholes and Back: Bribes, Lies, and the Art of Extreme Tourism" (interesting book by the way, but it might be a bit crude for some, as a heads up). He went to the D.R.C., for a month, in the part that I read, and the second part is him going to India, for 31 days. Basically, he survived the heat, extremely corrupt cops (he basically had to bribe the crap out of the cops and other government officials to travel the country), disease, prostitutes (apparently they're rampant in Africa-it's their way of life, having sex), and other things. His handler dude also wasn't the most trusty worthy as well. But Mr. Thompson survived in his month long quest to find the funniest joke in that country, so that was interesting to read about; if you care to know, it basically was how a French engineer willingly volunteered to come back to Africa, and got screwed over. In conclusion, thank god I didn't have to go there, much less live there.

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