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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Something to think about

As my friend Alex said last to me, what she said sums up my thoughts on graduation. I told her that I was happy to graduate yet I was bummed that I was going to miss marching band. She said that while I wouldn't miss the commitment to it, I'd miss the fun of it; the friends, the trips, etc. It's totally true, I am going to miss seeing the new marchers/freshmen, the initial stages of the drill, and more importantly, being innocent and having that fun. Heck, I'm even gonna miss the times we get screamed at for not hustling or working hard enough. I know that I'm reminiscing a ton, yet I really am gonna miss it. It's like something is empty in my life now, as it's the first time in five years that I won't be going to marching band camp in August; instead, I'll be in school at Mary Washington. And it's not just marching band, it's just Lake Braddock band in general. Seeing the people I know after a long summer, it's not going to be there anymore, as I'll be a freshman in college. Maybe I'm afraid of breaking away from tradition, or anything else. Anyways, I'm going to miss the joy of marching band, and all the amazing times. Actually, I'm going to miss seeing the freshman grow up before my eyes, which honestly is the thing I'll miss the most; it was a blast these last few years being a part of them growing up. Anyways, best of luck to you guys for the future of the Lake Braddock Marching Band!

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