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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Hamlet Shrinklit/Rap (with spoilers)

So this was my Hamlet shrinklit that I did way back when in third quarter. And by the way, it'd meant to be read in kinda a rappish short of way, like a song almost. And yes, I know that if you read it without thinking it as somewhat song-ish, it doesn't rhyme. Enjoy!

After being a student in germany
Hamlet came back to Denmark; he did see

His father, in the form of a ghost,
When Claudius, his uncle, occupying the king's post

Seeing the ghost, to Horatio does Hamlet confide:
I will avenge my father, but my time I will abide

Meanwhile young Hamlet dons a disguise
Pretend he's nuts and leaves people to surmise

"What's up the prince? Is he mad"
The prince is a loon! So, so sad!"

And to prove his point, Hamlet goes to run
Into Ophelia's room at night, for some "fun"

Unexpectedly into her room he did blitz
Looking crazy; she was scared out of her wits

Polonius and Claudius went to spy
On the "crazy" Hamlet, to verify

That the young Dane, heir to the throne
Went: no more Ophelia, he's starting to bemoan

However, their suspicions are denied, as they hear and see
Hamlet shout, "Get thee to a nunnery!"

Later, in the chapel, there was the king.
In the shadows lurked Hamlet, waiting to sting

But he cannot, because Claudius would be invited to go to heaven,
While the Prince, our hero, would experience Dante's inferno, in total seven.

Though later, whilst in his mother's room,
There is an intruder, whom Hamlet gleefully sends to his doom.

Is it Claudius? He hopes it is so.
But it was Polonius. Whoops! Oh no!

The friends, Rosencranz and Guildenstern, were sent to accompany and spy
On Hamlet on their trip to England, where he is to die.

Meanwhile Laertes has returned from France and some joy
Only to see Ophelia crazy and his father dead; no more happiness he can enjoy

So he conspires with Claudius, they plot
Hamlet's death; poisoned swords and wine, just one shot

When Gertrude, she is distressed, does intrude.
Says Ophelia has drowned, a victim of abuse so crude.

Her body is taken to the burial ground and to the grave
Where hamlet and her brother Laertes rave

Over who loved her more; indeed, fists were thrown.
All this while they competed for love, over her bones.

At Elsinore, the castle, Laertes and Hamlet prepare to fight a duel
A duel that begins the descent into death; all for honor, that deadly jewel.

Nobody expected Hamlet to last; though he took them by surprise.
His sharpness, brighter than anybody in the court, was part of his clever guise.

For he hit Laertes not once, but twice. Now, Claudius dropped the poisonous pearl
Into the cup; sadly, Gertrude took a good ol' swig, and then did a swirl.

The play then takes an ominous twist; First Hamlet is tabbed then Gertrude is dead-
What was meant for the prince was drunk by the queen instead.

Now Hamlet is angry, and he stabs Laertes. Guess who he is now going to kill?
Claudius. "Finally, my plan has come to perfection. My father's wish, I have fulfilled."

"Nobody else left in nobility than me. Sadly, I'm about to expire."
Fortibras, the liar, takes the throne with no one left. "Oh Hamlet, it's you I admire."

"He was a noble man, but the last of his kin, there is nobody left,
Treat him with honor, his life is bereft.

I, having no opposition, in the face of these events, the wake
The Danish throne, I will take."

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