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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Summer Night

What to do on this fine summer night?
I could read some of the new books that I bought yesterday evening
I could listen to music on my iPod
I could play video games until my eyes go blurry

But no, I'm talking to her.
Talking about life, talking about being bored, talking about how we're both awkward.
It's actually ironic-I'm never bored when I'm talking to her.
I feel happy, talking to a fellow bored person.
Literally, the hours pass as we talk. And I enjoy it.

On this summer night, one of many, I find myself
Enjoying having a conversation
With her. About nothing, really.
But that's why it's awesome. It's about nothing.


Rachel said...


conesy said...

You actually inspired me to write this =)

Rachel said...


conesy said...

Haha yeah. I didn't want to make it obvious, but I kinda wrote this for you. =)