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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My High School Hockey Career is Over

It's over. My high school career is over, and it ended on a comeback to tie Madison 3-3, after being down 3-1 after the first two periods. While it wasn't a win, it wasn't a loss either, and honestly, that's fine by me; I'm actually proud of the way we came back, and technically we would have won had we not have had a goal waived off. Though my legs weren't there, so I really didn't skate at all, and I'm kinda bummed. Fittingly enough for this season, I took a hooking penalty, which gave me 8 penalty minutes for the season. While we couldn't get the win, it was a fun game, and really, that's all I wanted-having fun in my last ever high school hockey game.

Now that my career is over, I just want to say that no matter how many losses I've had or the few wins that my teammates and I squeaked out, it's been an amazing time playing playing with you guys. We were like brothers out there, shedding sweat and enduring those rough times. All of the locker room conversations before and after the games were a blast too! Though for the most part of my career were losses, just being able to play the sport I loved for my school (and for a pride for the Reston Raiders), that was the best part! On and off the ice, it was a memorable run; who can forget coach buying us pizza for "only" losing 9-0 to Broad Run, the times we actually won (all two of them for Lake Braddock hockey), having Coach Hyjek, Clay, Beau, and one of our moms ejected from the same spring league game 8th grade year, and anything and everything in between. God bless you guys for helping to make my high school experience the best years, and it was amazing playing with every single on you. While I don't know how much I'll get to play beyond this point, or even if I'll be able to continue with my career, it's been an amazing ride, and I'll always be extremely grateful for going out with a bang! Thank you guys, thanks for giving me a great high school experience. 

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