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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Teaser for something I may want to write about

Aaron was fidgeting in the net, which was normal for him; after all, he was the goalie. Though really, when you're the starting goalie in a big game like this, you tend to fidget. Throughout warmups and at the start of the national anthem, he was quietly meditating to calm his nerves. The biggest game of his career was ahead of him, and he wasn't about to lose it due to faulty nerves.

Fighting the butterflies in his stomach, he made save after save in warmups; the nerves hadn't yet gone away, but he was feeling better. When the time was up to start the game, Aaron retreated into the haven of his net, pulled the mask with the dragons painted on it, over his playoff beard. He muttered "game time baby, time to be the difference maker", steeling himself for the barrage of rubber he was about to face.

BEEEP! The buzzer sounded. Who wanted to win more, and who would step up? Aaron's team wasn't the best in the league, but they had fought and scrapped to get to this point, the championship game, and Aaron had contributed to that run, going 8-2 in his last two series. However, all that was thrown out the window for this final round of the playoffs; in the championships, nothing from the past mattered unless you won it all at the end of the day.

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