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Monday, June 7, 2010


Today I got my (senior) yearbook. No biggie, right? Well, just flipping through it makes me realize how much memories I've made in high school, and especially more so of how much I'm gonna miss it and all my underclassmen friends. It just makes you think, seeing what other people have done and are doing, as you have to wonder, "What if I did something different in my life? Where would I be at this point in life if I just traded one thing for another?" I guess I may be haunted at all the potential that I might have had at various points in my life. Well you know what, all that conjecture is nice, but I would not trade who I am at this point in my life; life is too short to wonder who you might have been and where you might have gone. Besides, I'm content with who I am.

Getting back on track, it really has seemed like time has gone by. I mean, it only seems like yesterday how I was nervous to start high school, and now I'm so close to graduating. Last year, I recall seeing the seniors graduating and thinking "it's my turn to do that in a year", and now that's coming; it's scary to think about. Also, I remember the seniors from spring hockey and them taking their last shifts, and just wondering about the emotions running through their heads, knowing that potentially it was their last ever shift in hockey. And in two more games, that's going to be happening to me; yikes! You don't really think about those things when you don't appreciate the magnitude about them, and now, I really do think about it.

Talking about the yearbook, it reminded me about all the memories I've made and shared during the last four years of high school. I would just like to thank everybody who's been a part of that. Without all of you guys, I don't know how high school would have turned out, and I really truly want to thank all of you. To all of my underclassmen friends, I'm really gonna miss you. I don't know how much I'll be able to talk to you guys and spend time with you all, but I'd like to give a hearty thanks to all who may be concerned, for helping make my four amazing years in high school amazing! I'm gonna miss you guys like crazy. Thanks all, and I just want to say you're amazing people and I love you guys.

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