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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Driving in rain

The rain hits my windshield like your head hits a pillow at night. The sound of the rain dancing across the windshield is a beautiful thing to hear. The gentle pitter patter of the rain landing on the top of the car feels as warm as being wrapped with a warm blanket and being led to a warm fire. As I drive, I'm more in awe of the rain than where I'm going; just the feeling of peace with the rain makes me want to stop and take it in, if I wasn't driving.

In fact, I just take a time to see how beautiful the surroundings are in the rain. To me, it's almost like heaven, just seeing the splendor of my surroundings; the leaves on the trees are collecting rain, the trees by the road make it seem like I'm driving through a valley, and the roads are silent, save for the windshield wipers going to work.

With my car's heat on and the overall darkness that came with the rain, it feels dramatic. Finally, I pull up and get out, with the rain blanketing me. Now, I feel that the built up drama has finally climaxed with me accomplishing my goal.

You know, to pick up the warm and scrumptious burgers for dinner.

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Rachel said...

I like the comic relief there at the end :) this is my favourite.